Teaching the Pan-pipes

Since many years, Philippe Emmanuel Haas is teaching the Pan-pipes at music schools in Switzerland. He developed thus into a skilful pedagogue. The scale of his disposal is very broad. With emphasis on the Renaissance and the Baroque period, it may encompass also, from the Classical era to the Modern times, many other aspects of musical creation.

In case of interest on this unusual instrument, the music schools mentioned on the link list will be glad to be concerned with registrations. Furthermore, there is an opportunity, in the surroundings of Basle, getting tuition with Philippe Emmanuel Haas, to learn playing Pan-pipes privatly.

The tuition is addressed, as at the music schools, as privatly, to children, adolescents and adults, being advanced or beginners.

There is an opportunity to rent Pan-pipes of high quality, what is advisable, expecially for beginners.

The lessons can be given in english, french, german or italian.

More information are available on request though the teacher and through the mentioned music schools, as well as by E-mail or by phone.

Pan-pipes "Santi Occorso", Bellinzona / TI, Switzerland