Duo "Pan-pipes & Organ / Harpsichord"

Philippe Emmanuel Haas
Pan-pipes in early music

Ada van der Vlist
Organ & Harpsichord

The duo "Pan-pipes & Organ / Harpsichord" was constituted by Philippe Emmanuel Haas from Basel, Switzerland, Pan-pipes, interpreting music from the Renaissance and the baroque period, and by Ada van der Vlist, Organ & Harpsichord, during a concert trip in Austria, in 1999.

Since then the two musicians give concerts during several international european music festivals. The most visited countries as musicians are Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Beside the concerts as a duo, the two musicians give a large number of recitals during important musicfestivals in Europe, as soloists and members of other chamber music formations.

More information are available on request, by E-Mail or by phone.