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Pan-pipes and Organ New
"Trésors de la musique ancienne et baroque"

Philippe Emmanuel Haas    -     Dominique Aubert
(Pan-pipes)                                    (Organ)

The charm of the Pan-pipes in a surprising
journey into the ancient music

Walking along with mankind since its origins, on all continents,
the Pan-pipes, a many-sided and all-embracing instrument,
mostly shaped by puting together canes, are somehow
akin to the organ, and may be considered as its original pattern.
By the the venture to associate both instruments, which are cousins,
in a program of music from the 16th to the 18th century, Philippe
Emmanuel Haas and Dominique Aubert invite us to a surprising
journey into the ancient music.

Music by :

J.J. Mouret – M. Praetorius – E. Ph. Chédeville – M.R. Delalande –
B. Marcello – J. Clarke – Anonyme (Greensleeves to a Ground) –
J. Dowland – G. F. Haendel – H. Purcell

appeared on November 2014;
Ref.: MONTHABOR S 552364

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Pan-pipes and Organ
"Concert à l'Orgue ancien en la
Basilique de Valère"

Philippe Emmanuel Haas    -     Silvano Rodi
(Pan-pipes)                                    (Organ)

Festival International de l’Orgue ancien et de la
Musique ancienne de Valère

Recorded during a concert at the "Festival International de l’Orgue
ancien et de la Musique ancienne" in the basilica of the castle of the
Valeria, near Sion, Valais, Switzerland, at the presumedly oldest still
working organ in the world. Date of building around 1390.

Music by:

O.Vecchi – M. Praetorius – M. Facoli – A. Antico – B. Pasquini
Cl. Gevaise – Jean d’Estrée – G. Frescobaldi – G. P. Cima –
B. Storace – G. Caccini – Michel Richard de la Lande –
J. Loeillet de Gant

appeared on Septembre 2001;
Ref.: Disques VDE-GALLO GALL-CD 1064

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Former CD - Recordings

Baroque Music for Pan-pipes
and Organ

Philippe Emmanuel Haas    -     Thierry Escaich
(Pan-pipes)                                    (at an Organ of Georg Friedrich Stein from 1790)

Music by:

J.J. Mouret – J. d’Estrée – M. Praetorius – J. Playford
G. Caccini – G. F. Händel – B. Marcello – A.D. Philidor
J.B. Loeillet de Gant

appeared on 1995;


Renaissance and Baroque Music on the Pan Flute
with Pan Flute, Harpsichord (Virginal) and Violoncello

Philippe Emmanuel Haas (Pan Flute)
Eric Latour
(Harpsichord, Virginal being a copy of an instrument by Jean Couchet,
conserved in the "Vleeshuis" Museum in Antwerpen)
Janka Speglitz (Violoncello)